Super Space Rides

Join Zootata on amazing rides around the universe!

Our Rides

We have many different space rides. Find the one that is perfect for you!

Wobbly Jelly Asteroid Belt

Travel with the speed of light to the far edge of our galaxy. Land on the jelly asteroid and get wobbly! When you get dizzy come back to the spaceship and enjoy your delicious lunch. Price: 500 Space coins.

Underground Space Cave

Descend 20,000 Space kilometers down into the lava planet and explore the rarest glow worms in the universe. Glow worm nest is super radioactive. You will get a special protective suit that will keep your brain safe from melting. Price: 650 Space coins.

Black Hole Retreat

Travel through the black matter clouds all the way to the nearest black hole. There you will enjoy special stretching exercises with our trained professionals. Some of the best acrobats have learned their skills there. Price: 1,000 Space coins.

Experience the Space Ride

Watch the video and experience the magic moments of Zootata's space rides:

Our Happy Customers

Listen to our fans explain how much fun they had on our space rides:

“Wow! The Black Hole was amazing. I got super stretchy, so I looked like a rope.”


“I'm a big fan. I skated faster than the speed of light!”


“The glow worms were 5 space bounces long. We were so deep under ground! I can't believe that Zootata was able to organize that!”


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